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🎨 Commissions F.A.Q.

Updated on 27th May 2024

Status: OPEN

Slot: 1

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How to Apply? 📝

  1. Email me with these details for your desired artwork:
    • Personal or commercial use
    • Number of characters with short descriptions
    • Scene and overall look
    • Background, props, alternate versions, if any
    • Reference examples, if offered
  2. Please be patient while I decide whether to take on your commission.
  3. If accepted, I'll reply with a price quote for you. 🤩

What's the Base Price? 💰

Outline (Sample) Color (Sample)
1 Character USD199 USD299
1 Extra Character USD119 USD219
Background, Props, Alternate Versions Cost depends on complexity

What's the Process? ⚙️

  1. I'll share a rough sketch for you to approve – two revisions only.
  2. Next, I'll send you the outline for approval – two revisions only.
  3. Then, I'll show you the colors to approve – two revisions only.
  4. Once all is approved, I'll give you an invoice with a payment link.
  5. When payment clears, I'll email you the download link for your masterpiece! 😊

Artwork Format? 🖼

  • Canvas Size
    • The artwork will have dimensions of 2000 pixels by 2000 pixels.
    • Custom sizes should be specified when placing a commission.
  • File Type
    • Your finished artwork will be in JPG format.

📝 Terms & Conditions

Payment Procedure? 💳

  • Payment Method
    • PayPal, which supports various credit card options.
  • Deposit & Final Payment
    • A 50% deposit is necessary before starting the project.
    • The remaining 50% is due upon completion.

Restrictions? ⛔️

  • I don't accept shota, gore, or scat requests. ❌
  • Female characters will be gender-swapped to males.
  • For topics not mentioned here – contact me for approval. 🙂

Cancellation & Refund Policy? ↩️

  • Unpaid Commissions
    • I reserve the right to cancel unpaid commissions.
  • Paid Deposits
    • If you cancel a commission after making a deposit, you will lose the deposit.
    • If I cancel a commission after you've made a deposit, you'll get your deposit back.
  • Finished Illustrations
    • Completed and sent illustrations cannot be refunded.

Artwork Use, Ownership, and Copyright? 🤝

  • What You Can Do
    • You can use and alter the artwork for personal purposes.
  • What You Cannot Do
    • You may not sell or use the artwork for commercial purposes.
  • What I Can Do
    • I can use the commissioned artwork to promote my work on my website and social media.
    • If not specified by you, I can offer the artwork as a reward for my Patreon page.
  • Sharing Is Caring
    • Give me (humbuged) credit as the artist and link back to Humplex.com whenever you upload the artwork online.
  • Who Owns What
    • I keep the copyright and all rights to the artwork, except for the parts belonging to others, like characters, logos, and trademarks.

I'm Ready! 👏

To discuss designing your masterpiece, kindly contact me at –

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